Shifting to a Hybrid Work Model? Keep These in Mind

Only 49 percent of businesses were ready to reopen offices in March 2021, per Office RE-Entry Index. In 6 months, it has risen to 74 percent. However, 77 percent want to shift to a hybrid work model where their staff needs to come to the office twice or thrice each week. Since the infection rate is still unpredictable, a hybrid office setup seems to be a long-term solution for now. In this article at the Enterprisers Project, Stephanie Overby shares seven things business leaders must keep in mind while shifting to a hybrid work model.

Hybrid Work Model Setup

Establish Proper Interaction Channels

It is easy to miscommunicate things over virtual communication channels, per Igloo Software vice president of product, Sean Duffy. Rule out tools and policies that do not help you interact more closely with your team.

Be More Transparent

Apart from communication, you must also take care of how transparent you are with the team. A hybrid work model will work when you “prioritize making your employees feel connected, informed, and comfortable voicing their opinion,” insists Hyland Chief Innovation Officer, Sam Babic.

Work as a Unit

Surprisingly, team members worked better together when they had to work from home in isolation. While collaborating online is not as easy as in-person chats, having proper tools can enable your staff to keep up the teamwork.

Discuss the Rules

All must know the decorum they must follow to have a proper hybrid work model. Provide routine, set expectations, and explain the work policies. Leon Goren, president, and CEO of PEO Leadership highlights these.

Create a Hybrid Culture

Culture is what makes a workplace dynamic or burdensome. Since the after-effects of the pandemic cannot be entirely erased, you have to create a new work culture with your hybrid workforce.

Be Logical with Your Demands

You do not want your team members to feel resentful or isolated. Discuss the ‘why, how, and when’ with them. They must know the reasons behind your decisions.

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