Things You Need to Know About Apple’s DIY Service

Everyone is experiencing digital disruption on a first-hand basis. Every day, you learn about several innovations that attempt to make your life a little easier. Talking about new innovative fronts, Apple has announced a new scheme where you can repair your Apple devices by yourself. In one of their recent videos, CNET talks about the tech company’s DIY repair service. With people expressing their annoyance with customer service and the delayed response, Apple has started working on getting repair laws passed in as many states as possible. The Federal Trade Commission is assessing the project, and it might soon be approved for national implementation. To repair your phone or any other Apple device, you can buy the necessary tools and download the repair manuals to do the job yourself. The price of the tools and spare parts is not disclosed by the company yet, but they have issued a statement assuring users that the costs would be the same as those paid by authorized Apple repair workshops.

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