Tips to Detect and Prevent Ransomware Attacks

Companies are investing quite a good sum in making their business a fully operational digital phenomenon. With a vast amount of cloud data and a sudden shift to the remote work model, digitization is playing an essential role. Consequently, this attribute is often exploited by cybercriminals. According to a survey by ThycoticCentrify, two out of three organizations were hit by a ransomware attack over the past 12 months. What seems to be more concerning is that 80% of them preferred to pay the ransom in the wake of unfortunate events. In his article for TechRepublic, Lance Whitney shares various tips to detect and prevent a ransomware attack in your organization.

Using Privileged Access Management

Attackers usually intrude in the network before compromising your data. It would help if you detected the data and network breach in the network as early as possible. Apart from that, the other thing you need to secure is access to privileged accounts. One of the ways to address it is using privileged access management (PAM). These tools help you restrict any users’ privilege to access and keep a check on potential threats before they occur.

Use Multi-factor Authentication

Many cybercriminals gain access to the networks through stolen account credentials. It is essential for companies to encourage multi-factor authentication to prevent cybercrimes to a great extent.

Instill a Zero-Trust Model

The zero-trust model effectively reduces the possibility of a cyber-attack because it enforces the least privileged access to employees, cloud platforms, systems, and databases. Zero trust has become a popular model because it helps prevent attacks with a skim budget and effective measures.

Reduce User Disruption

Consistent cybersecurity measures, be it the zero-trust model or privileged access management, can also negatively affect your organization’s operations. Employees might get frustrated with the repetitive login and similar elements. Leaders need to spread awareness of security measures and minimize user disruption as much as possible.

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