Tips to Follow for a Better Work-Life Equilibrium

Work-life balance is a concept where you devote equal time and energy in your personal and professional spheres. It not only improves your productivity and health but also helps you avoid emotional burnout. Why do people not practice it then? One of the answers could be that it is too difficult to achieve. With ‘work from home’, the work-life boundaries have blurred to a great extent. If anything, it is getting harder to create a wall between work and personal life. However, to hope for a change, it is essential to first believe in it. In his article for CIO, Doug Drinkwater states several tips to attain a work-life balance.

Set Priorities

When the pandemic started, people had to resume their offices from home, leading to unending virtual meetings, conferences, and stand-up calls. CIOs wanted to accomplish as much work as possible because that was the only definite thing they had in their hands. However, things are gradually getting back to normal, and it is vital to set priorities for a better work-life balance. Amidst the ever-changing priorities, time and attention prove to be the most crucial commodities, and it is better to use them optimally. Jot Sehmbi, chief digital transformation officer at Essex University, UK, states, “I’ve completed a few items on the hobby list, including going back to playing the piano and chess with a regular club. Having an activity scheduled where a group is dependent on your participation helps.”

Create an Equilibrium for Your Team

Tom Catalini, CIO of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, states that if someone from the team has put extra effort into a project, the team should collectively appreciate it. Leaders should aim to balance it with long lunches or reward employees with a vacation or a day off as a token of appreciation. This behavior should be practiced widely because it will create an environment of transparency and enhance work-life equilibrium. 

Work-life balance is not about forcing yourself to spend time with your families or reluctantly cultivate a hobby. It is more about doing things that you are fond of in a collective sense. Not only does it improve your productivity, but it also enables you to put your whole focus into everything that you do.

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