Tips to Understand ITIL Framework and Its Benefits

The IT Infrastructure Library framework (ITIL) is generally defined as a collection of effective processes that an IT organization uses to deliver services to its clients, employees, or stakeholders. An organization needs to improve these processes over time and keep them culturally and technologically relevant. Moreover, ITIL improves the accountability of the organizations. The improved accountability consequently helps the organizations get better at their game of keeping their customers, employees, and stakeholders happy. In his article for the CIO Insight, Don Hall talks about the benefits of ITIL in an organization and how to effectively implement it.

Benefits of ITIL

ITIL enables your company to keep an effective balance between the IT department and the business. It helps the company to align both aspects together to foster better communication and garner productive results. ITIL can be easily integrated with several other frameworks like PMP and PRINCE2. Besides, ITIL’s metric-based strategies help businesses conduct effective cost-cutting that allows your enterprise to use the funds elsewhere.

Implement ITIL in Your Company

Experts suggest that companies should focus on ITIL training for all the employees whenever they think it is possible. If all your employees are not ITIL trained, you should not take it as a burden. Begin the training program and start ITIL at the service desk initially, where problems are first reported in the enterprise.

Another thing you should focus on is the customers’ concerns. You should analyze your client’s concerns regarding the IT department and what you should do to address them.

If your organization is not familiar with ITIL, you might need to parallelly run two systems until ITIL is fully configured in your organization. Once ITIL is properly established, the older IT framework data can be archived. The tickets open during the transition should still be maintained in the old system until resolved in the new ITIL system.

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