Top Tips to Hire Top Technical Support Talent

Finding a good IT service desk resource can be challenging. Hiring the right one can be a daunting task. They must have a unique skill set that includes technical abilities, excellent communication skills, and customer service skills. Experts believe that organizations must either hire people externally or upskill the existing staff. So, how do you know you are hiring the right talent? In this article at Axelos, Adam McCullough explains developing and hiring IT service management (ITSM) talent.

Factors to Consider While Hiring

“Organizations need people who can take a holistic view and will have empathy with both the organizations and its customers,” says McCullough. While hiring new resources, managers must consider the depth and breadth of a candidate’s experience. Additionally, the candidate must have the ability to comprehend organizational culture change.

The candidates must:

Be an active listener and proactively solve IT-related problems.Have an in-depth understanding of how service management works across the business line.Persistently work towards learning, unlearning, and relearning.Continually upskill and keep up with the tech trends.

How to Develop Talent Internally

Provide Access to Cutting-Edge Technology

Upskilling internal talent becomes more manageable when organizations provide them with access to cutting-edge technology. This helps them gain hands-on experience with high-quality products. Gaining access to new technology allows them to uncover continuous improvement opportunities.

Offer Flexibility

Workplace flexibility is on the priority list for many ITSM professionals. Flexible scheduling and the ability to work remotely help organizations retain top tech talent. Furthermore, creating virtual platforms for brainstorming helps the tech team to share their ideas across the organization.

Are you thinking, “this is a lot”? You are right! Recruiting and hiring the right candidate for the IT help desk is an extensive process. Consider the tips mentioned above based on your organization’s size and the services you offer.

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