What Are the Benefits and Challenges of AlaaS?

Many software developers and businesses that deal with software development and marketing are pretty familiar with software as a service. Adobe serves as a good example. There was a time when it ceased to sell its product and switched to a subscription model. Similarly, Netflix and Prime Video can be defined as movies as a service. In a world of drastically transforming artificial intelligence, people are gradually familiarizing themselves with artificial intelligence as a service (AIaaS). In his article for IT Business Edge, Litton Power defines AIaaS and talks about its benefits, challenges, and future.

Defining AIaaS

AIaaS can be defined as developing an artificial intelligence by a company and licensing it to other companies for their use. With the advent of AI, it has become easier for business owners and professionals to get a better hold of the statistical aspects of the business. AI can collect an immense amount of data, sort it statistically, and generate market predictions based on previous patterns. Using AIaaS generally helps companies to reduce their efforts on mundane, mechanical, and tedious tasks. Besides, it allows organizations to focus on innovative prospects to broaden the enterprise.

Possible Challenges

One of the issues that professionals might face with AIaaS is the closed source model. Software is usually expected to be transparent in its operations so that any shortcoming or error can be logically resolved. Another issue could be that of the ownership. You are given an AI system that might or might not work per your needs. At the end of the day, you are using a licensed AI that another company has developed to be used generally by as many companies as possible. In a certain way, AIaaS lacks the uniqueness that different businesses might expect. Most importantly, even with the advent of technology and AI, customers usually look forward to a human connection when they want to buy something, register a complaint, or have a question. Interacting with a chatbot might not be the best idea in that sense.

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