What Does the Future of Flexible Workspace Look Like?

Companies have rapidly transformed the way they functioned before the pandemic. Although the world has been witnessing the curve flattening at a seemingly good rate, organizations are still figuring out their appropriate work mode to amplify productivity. On the other end, employees are thinking of ways to retain flexible working hours without compromising productivity. Many project managers and business owners have been lately contemplating the reality of a flexible workspace. Moreover, they are curious to know if this is a productive idea to approach. In their article for Harvard Business Review, Ellen Ernst Kossek, Patricia Gettings, and Kaumudi Mishra talk about different ways to instill flexibility in your organization.

Keeping It Simple

Many leaders would assert that flexibility is a combination of simple structure and consistent workflow. It is vital for the workforce to understand the flexible work policies and function accordingly. To make it work efficiently, you should make a record of actual versus planned working hours. It would help leaders to improve transparency and coordination among their coworkers.

Strengthening Leadership

There is no practical way flexible working can become popular without the support of senior leadership. It is essential for your organization that the senior leaders understand what they mean by flexibility and how they can use it to foster productivity in the long run. Leaders should make themselves aware of the advantages that flexibility can lead to. They should interact with all the employees so they know different opinions.

Furthermore, leaders must also explain both their mindset and the employees’ to stakeholders and mediate a constructive discussion about it. One of the ways to do so is to staff key accounts with a ‘tag-team,’ which can be exhibited as an advantage to the clients.

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