Why Project Managers Should Be Good Storytellers

You probably have witnessed projects in your organization that were delayed due to poor coordination and uncontrollable circumstances. Additionally, some projects lead to different results in different situations, and the output is still not satisfactory. One of the prominent reasons for that is considered obstruction in communicating ideas and collectively envisioning the project. Teams often focus on the chosen concept and start working on it, while previous ideas are unknowingly diluted until they disappear. Why do project managers not sustain ideas? How can project management be made more effective?

In his article for Association for Project Management, David Stephenson talks about the importance of storytelling in project management and how it can benefit organizations and individuals.

Understanding Relevance

Everyone is bound together by emotions and stories. People experience the same feelings through different circumstances that are interconnected, like metadata. Sharing information to make yourself comfortable is something that is done extensively by the human race. Anyone that tells someone how their day went is a storyteller, and in that sense, everyone is a storyteller. Success totally depends on how precisely you polish your craft of storytelling to convey your ideas better and deal with projects in an effortless manner.

Practicing the Art of Storytelling

To be a good storyteller, it is crucial to know what you want to communicate. Once you have a clear vision, strive to make that vision tangible to the entire team. Secondly, people are emotionally driven, and that means there are things that people strongly relate to in some ways. Bring realistic and logical connections from your own life or another public sphere to vividly paint the picture. It is always appreciated to cherish common team values and avoid jargon so that people can follow your train of thought. Most importantly, try to understand your audience and communicate accordingly.

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