Will Women Lead the Great Resignation in 2022?

You must have experienced that the employment and industrial recruitment methods have transformed drastically in the post-pandemic world. Covid-19 undeniably impacted businesses and employees. However, despite the adverse situation, the pandemic led to some much-required changes like remote and hybrid working models.

With many available options, employees are better positioned because they know they will secure a job based on their merits and talents. They want to work under their own conditions and are liberated enough that they do not wish to compromise as they did in a pre-pandemic world. Experts believe that in the wake of the great resignation movement, it is highly likely that women will lead the next movement. In her article for TechRepublic, Veronica Combs talks about the great resignation and how it has impacted businesses and women.

New Opportunities

According to the third annual Employee Experience Trend Report for 2022, less than 5% of employees plan to stay at their companies than in 2021. The reports state that women in middle management jobs are three times more likely to find new job opportunities. In addition, the survey reveals that 35% of participants would start looking for a new job if they had to start working full-time in an office.

Facilitating Mental Wellness

Many employers, including a somewhat rising number of women, have complained about the deteriorating self-confidence in the workplace and how they have gotten it back with remote working. As a business owner, project manager, or team leader, it is your responsibility to facilitate and enhance employees’ mental health and well-being. One of the essential ways to make your employees understand that you care for them is by practicing what you say. If they see you working reasonable hours and prioritizing your mental health, they will learn to do the same.

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