3 Cornerstones for CIOs in 2022

As all innovative business leaders, strategic CIOs must draw the roadmap for their business and prepare for unforeseen challenges and demands. This article by Susan Snedaker, written for The Enterprisers Project, outlines key CIO priorities for 2022. While there may be a lot to achieve as a CIO, a few cornerstones guide you in steering your organization in the right direction and getting a jump start.

Three Key Areas to Focus to Make a Meaningful Impact:

1.    Setting up a World-Class Defense

Ever-more evolving sophisticated cyberattacks are rising, adding an enormous cost to the company and diminishing your client’s confidence in the business. So many organizations, governments, and corporations are on high alert to protect their data. Since stakes are high, ensure your system’s protection with solid endpoint security solutions and reliable backups. It’s critical to plan an incident response for each phase while improvising responses based on previous mistakes and strengthening the security system.

2.    Reframing Steps

Businesses have rapidly modernized and adapted themselves to the changing landscape. We are reframing our steps to pandemic-induced remote work situations and virtual interaction.  The only way for companies to remain relevant is to invest in innovation and use IT to respond quickly to new opportunities to shape the future. An IT department that fails to embrace technology actively is essentially losing business.

3.    Resourcing the Right Skill

Companies need a strategy that identifies their current needs and anticipates future skills to keep talent inflows healthy. It is an arduous task to remain current with new technology and methods, as it is a constant challenge to hire, train, and retain staff with the right skills.


When you’ve outlined your strategic plan, assess your team’s skills and upskill employees to their jobs effectively. Set up small training sessions or luncheons to help you identify priority skills and areas for adoption into employee performance and development plans.


Leverage the expertise of seasoned professionals to boost 24×7 security monitoring. On-demand services are based on subscription fees and may be expensive, but the most significant benefit is that you can decide how much to scale.

Mixed Staff

To conclude, be flexible about hiring completely remote employees to augment your on-site team. To do this, make sure that your management team is skilled in managing local and remote staff effectively.

Looking ahead, CIOs who address these three elements will be essential to their organization’s success in 2022.

To read the original article, click on https://enterprisersproject.com/article/2021/11/it-leadership-top-3-priorities-cios-2022

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