3 Key Risk Management Priorities for CIOs

Businesses will head into the new year facing challenges on multiple fronts. While pandemic has opened up a world of possibilities with hybrid work environments, it has unleashed numerous challenges for the CIOs. This paradigm shift has eased the lives of many employees, but the CIOs are swamped with three risk management and governance priorities. Moira Alexander outlines the three risk management priorities for CIOs in her article at TechRepublic.

Three Priorities for CIOs to Streamline and Optimize Business

Optimize Data Usage

Data centralization makes sure all stakeholders have access to and rely on the same source of information to drive decisions. The companies making use of this data are below 50%. This approach puts the company at risk with operational gaps and poor data governance. Sectors that deal with highly confidential information are at greater risk and are acutely aware of the requirement to mitigate the risks that can cost them a fortune.

Upgrade Work Environment

COVID-19 emerged so quickly that most organizations didn’t have the chance to review or test their contingency plans before putting them into practice. With remote work becoming more common, data access and data security profiles are becoming a concern. As employees potentially access sensitive data in less secure home-based environments, it’s essential to upgrade security systems. CIOs need to strengthen their protection for customers and employees against internal and external threats. The CIOs look at cloud migration to secure remote work infrastructure, along with investing in DevSecOps. This allows them to leverage cloud solutions and implement AI governance.

Redefine Priorities

In today’s world, change is the only constant. Adapting and scaling with rapidly modernizing technologies is the only way to remain current in today’s market. CIOs are conversant with the risk and requirements to safeguard their company. For CIOs to develop new business and risk management strategies that adapt to changing landscapes, aligning risk management activities to short-and long-term business objectives is critical.

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