4 IT Leadership Qualities to Hone in 2022

Every year ushers new hope, commitments, and resolutions, a chance to grow and write a new chapter. As this year’s resolution, top leaders suggest working toward effective listening for better leadership. In 2022, businesses will head into the new year facing challenges on multiple fronts. To gain perspective on what leaders should focus on in 2022, this article at The Enterprisers Weekly by Carla Rudders presents the lessons imparted by four top executives that are worth bookmarking as you step into 2022.

Takeaways from the Top Executives:

Lead By Example

Mary Gendron, SVP & CIO, Qualcomm, says learning must be a constant process. It is imperative to keep that ball rolling, to remain steadfast with changing landscapes. Leaders must lead by example. Encourage and engage their employees to undertake learning and development programs to upskill and strengthen them. Beyond keeping up and following technology trends, CIOs must be the change drivers generating additional value to the business.

Step Out of Comfort Zone

Todd Inlander, SVP, Information Technology and CIO, Southern California Edison, suggests you must step outside your comfort zone to improve. Discomfort is an indicator that you are trying and pushing boundaries and will not end up like the boiling frog. He also recommends integrating inclusion as a fundamental value that will help you see things from other people’s perspectives. In addition, aligning your goals to resonate with your company values will make a tremendous difference.

Adapt to New Competency

Ted Ross, CIO & General Manager, City of Los Angeles, explains that adapting to change by focusing on employee experience and career path is the new norm. The core competency had shifted to talent engagement, development, and retention.

Listen and Include Effectively

Randi Levin, CIO & Director of IT, NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory – Caltech, advises that effective listening and resilience across organizations should be the nucleus of leadership values. With hybrid work environments, leaders need to listen and understand the employee and clients’ expectations to remain productive. By applying this initiative at all levels of the organization, you will source brilliant viable solutions. Most importantly, leaders should embrace diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility initiatives to create an inclusive work environment.

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