Align Your Project Plans With Organizational Strategy

In most companies, strategy is a highly abstract concept and seldom easily communicated or converted into actions. Project managers can’t properly implement plans if they don’t know where a company is heading. Hannah Donato talks about the importance of aligning project plans with the organizational strategy in this article at Project Management.

Think Before You Act

Understand the client’s goals before planning your projects. Here are the things you need to focus on before you start elaborating your strategy.

Mission and Vision

A company’s mission, visions, and taglines identify with its purpose, area of service, and the type of lasting impact they want to make. The mission statements don’t translate into the products or services they are rendering, as the offerings will keep changing and evolving. But it will help you better align your project plans with the organization’s strategy. A project manager must closely analyze and align the project’s priority to achieve organizational goals and remain competitive.

Better Insight

If an organization already has a value statement, investigate what it means; this can give project managers a better idea of what the company will value most.

Tangible Milestones

Break down and simplify the company’s goals into achievable and tangible milestones. Convert missions into actionable items with SMART goals (Specific, measurable, attainable, relevant), and time-based goals that will inspire action from all stakeholders.


All organizations are prone to factors affecting them directly and indirectly. While all stakeholders can have a micro effect, broader issues like natural disasters and pandemics can contribute to macro effects. Organizations need to prepare to hit the ground running in case of any incidents.

SWOT Analysis

Evaluating your organization’s strengths and weaknesses to identify the capabilities and resources available along with potential setbacks and support required will help you plan and allocate resources needed in advance. This will enable you to commence a project with the necessary skills and technology to achieve the set goals.

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