Are Fatigue and Stress Putting Your Firm at Risk?

The modern workforce is experiencing unprecedented levels of stress and work-related fatigue due to the pandemic and changed working models. It is slightly challenging for businesses to increase their productivity in such unstable times. In addition, experts believe that stress and exhaustion can adversely affect your business in terms of cybersecurity risks. If your workforce is feeling burned out during office hours, they will try to do the bare minimum for the company’s security. What are the possible ways to amplify your company’s productivity while keeping cybersecurity risks at bay? In his article for TechRepublic, Lance Whitney shares a few ways to prevent your workforce from exhaustion.

Identify the Cause

Whitney mentions that there are businesses severely prone to cybersecurity risks. What makes it more alarming is that those enterprises are not even aware of the fact that they are at such significant risk. Jeff Shiner, CEO of 1Password, says, “It’s particularly surprising to find that burned-out security leaders, charged with protecting businesses, are doing a far worse job of following security guidelines — and putting companies at risk.” To keep your team at the top of their game regarding mental wellness and cybersecurity, you need to identify the root cause of workforce fatigue.

Communicate and Appreciate

It is essential to accentuate the importance of mental well-being in your team. Make your team feel valued and appreciated for their contribution to the team. You might encounter some employees that are having a hard time completing their work. Talk to them and learn about their challenges. It is crucial to listen to what they have to say. Try solving their issues if you can. If not, suggest ways they can seek help from the relevant person or department. Talk to your teams and try to resolve their concerns. Remember, if your team is working efficiently, the risk of a cyberattack will lower significantly.

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