Are PM Certifications Necessary in the New Normal?

There are several PM certifications available in the market. But more demands are placed upon project managers than ever before. Can just a certification course prepare you for a volatile working environment? Additionally, these courses cost a fortune because you have to renew your eligibility every year. Apart from the costs, you must also complete the course within a stipulated timeframe. Otherwise, you have to start anew. But things have changed in the new normal. So, do these certifications still apply? In this article at PM Tips, Elizabeth Harrin helps you analyze if PM certifications are at all important or relevant in today’s environment.

Relevance of PM Certifications

Experience Over Course

Though these courses require a commitment to studying for many hours to pass the examinations, most employers prefer experienced candidates. Management experience in other backgrounds is also acceptable. However, companies are still okay with your not having any experience for an entry-level project manager role.

Which to Pick

There are PM certifications specific to an expertise area, while others are more generic in nature. Employers not familiar with the terrain can easily get confused amidst the sea of credentials. However, it is also not fair to prioritize someone based on the number of PM certifications the individual has achieved so far.

Multi-Certification Is Normal

People are not going to stop at just one certification. With the increasing importance of project managers in organizations, more working professionals will go for multiple PM certifications to stay ahead of the game. Certifications and renewals in core areas like risk management can be advantageous.

Certification Relevance

Since projects are growing more complex every day, a bit of formal instruction can only help project managers stay prepared to face the inevitable. It becomes easier for you to explain the nuances of project processes to your team members and solve issues better.

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