Are You Pursuing Focused or Vague Goals?

You want your company to be digitally progressive within the next five years, and you have laid out a comprehensive blueprint for it. You were sure that the goals were specific and on-point. However, you are beginning to understand that you have to make several smaller goals to reach the larger goal. Is that larger goal really a mission? Was it too vague to be a goal? Instead of hurtling forward without a specific aim in mind, halt initiative operations and review. Explain to yourself and the team what exactly you want to achieve as milestones within the timeline. In her blog article, Stacey Barr shares some question categories to help you filter out vague goals.

Processing Vague Goals

Is It a Mission Statement?

Barr explains, “A goal is based on something we want to be better at. A mission is a statement of our overarching purpose.” Can you create tangible checkpoints for your goal’s progress and make quick turnarounds? For instance, you counted the number of times you made a delayed response to a customer ticket. Then you suggested agents respond quicker the next day.

What Should the Achievement Look Like?

Having the end in mind will help you figure out what you need to get things done. With vague goals, you will have to first analyze what you must achieve. However, ensure you do not fall prey to quick wins by addressing stray client requests. The actions you take must be aligned with your goal.

Does the Goal Need Tweaking?

If you reevaluate your objectives frequently, you are dealing with vague goals. You should take action to reach your goals and not lose hours wondering what they are. So, create SMART goals – specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely. If you are divided between quality or quantity, prioritize tasks that could offer you both.

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