Become an Effective and Competent Leader

Modern organizations welcome a diverse workforce to obtain better productivity and a supportive work environment. A mixed workforce helps companies bring different perspectives to the table, resulting in innovative problem-solving methods. However, some leaders find it challenging to acknowledge different mindsets. You might face the same issue, and that is why it is essential to incorporate cultural competence into your business. In his article for Digital Tonto, Greg Satell talks about the challenges modern leadership faces and how you can tackle them in a better way.

Tips to Become a Better Leader

Know Your Identity and Culture

Humans tend to identify themselves in groups to get a sense of belonging and acceptance. As a community of like-minded people with a shared belief or goal, people feel threatened when someone attempts to alter their sense of self. To overcome that, you should identify with your team and outline the common factors between you and them.

Deal with Differences

There will be instances when your team has differences of opinion such as during project discussions. It is your responsibility as a leader to acknowledge distinct opinions because that broadens the outlook of your team towards a particular situation. Listening to your team gives you several options to choose from. It will consequently give you more chances to pick an effective method.

Create a Collective Identity

When you are exposed to a culture quite different from what you grew up in, you are left with no other option than to widen your mental horizon and understand things from others’ points of view. As Satell puts it, “It is at this nexus of identity and purpose that creativity and innovation reside because when we learn to collaborate with others who possess knowledge, skills, and perspectives that we don’t, new possibilities emerge.” The more you accept cultural differences and make them a part of your team’s dynamics, the better would be the chances of your professional and leadership growth.

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