Being the Leader We Wish We Had

Being a leader is less about yourself and more about scaling, training, and guiding your team members. Not getting there but staying there is the challenge. Leaders need to be passionate about being one. You can lead by example by asking your team for help or opinions, sending a message that it is okay to take help. Learning should never cease, so read more books and articles, listen to talks, and indulge in discussions about leadership this will help you emerge as a better leader. Incentivizing what you want your team to achieve is a great way to ingrain that quality. Recognizing team efforts will ensure more outstanding teamwork. It would be best if you gave responsibilities to your team for them to be confident and self-reliant. Allow your team to be accountable by providing them the freedom to make decisions instead of you being the only voice of your team. Enroll yourself in leadership skill development and empower your team members to be self-reliant. Your team is only as responsible as you let them be. Watch this talk by Simon Sinek, an inspirational speaker, to know how to be the leader we all wished we had.

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