Can Creative AI Mimic Human Imagination?

In this article at Raconteur, human imagination has been “the elixir that’s powered civilisations down the ages,” says author Nick Easen. Otherwise, you would not have had the printing press, boats, lightbulbs, telephones, or space travel. However, most companies do not pay attention to their employees’ creativity. But organizations need it more and frequently nowadays because innovation is occurring at a rapid pace. You can only maintain your position as a market pioneer if you innovate every one or two years. It is not possible to come up with disruptive ideas so often. So, can AI help organizations solve the challenge? Let’s find out here.

AI vs. Human Imagination

Computers work wonders when it comes to a task within their ruled boundaries, whereas humans make errors. But some of the greatest inventions were made because of mistakes. For instance, X-ray. The human mind can process and disseminate knowledge and form a unique idea distinct from previous studies. Some AI experts have tried helping AI mimic the human imagination at the University of Southern California (USC). They have named the approach as ‘disentanglement’.

What Is Disentanglement?

USC’s lead project researcher Yunhao Ge says, “The new approach truly unleashes a new sense of imagination in AI systems, bringing them closer to a human understanding of the world.”

Disentanglement is not new. It was used to create deepfake content by rearranging and modifying multiple images of famous personalities. The USC tool uses several datasets at once instead of using one after another. It consolidates the datasets with similarities among them. This process that gives rise to new data is called “controllable novel image synthesis,” reports Ge. So, future use cases are many for such creative AI systems, from new drug development to recruiting algorithms that filter away biases.

However, organizations need human imagination to develop better AI algorithms or creativity. Alan Turing Institute’s professor and fellow researcher Melissa Terras remarks, “What will work best is AI operating alongside humans, rather than independently.”

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