CNAP Platforms Ensure Cloud Cybersecurity

Organizations are using multiple cloud computing platforms that need their IT security team to be on high alert about cloud cybersecurity. Though developers know the cybersecurity basics, their knowledge seems outdated with every new platform. The majority of them are now being trained in DevSecOps best practices that keep offering new cybersecurity protocols. However, overworked programmers still need time to adjust to any new cyber environment. So, organizations are resorting to cloud-native application protection (CNAP) platforms. Find out how these enable cloud cybersecurity from Mike Vizard’s article at IT Business Edge.

CNAP and Cloud Cybersecurity

The CNAP platforms have two types – cloud security posture management (CSPM) platforms and cloud workload protection platforms (CWPP). Vizard explains that CSPM is used “to surface misconfigurations and other vulnerabilities that cybercriminals could potentially exploit.” Meanwhile, CWPP utilizes “agent software to protect a workload running on either a virtual machine or encapsulated in a container.”

How Do They Work?

At the rate organizations are developing and deploying applications, they must centralize cloud environments for better security. Since decreasing the development speed could affect revenue stream, firms are looking for a better cloud cybersecurity framework. Additionally, the increased speed opens more attack opportunities for threat actors. The other way round is to strengthen the IT security team. CNAP platforms provide that centralized security vantage point that enables companies to implement policies and identify application environments that violate any cloud cybersecurity team treaty. The platforms make this possible using automation as their process foundation.

Organizations are now looking for CNAP platforms that have CSPM and CWPP as part of a package deal. The recent Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) survey confirmed that 35 percent of security service providers are offering integrated security controls today while 50 percent of vendors will integrate them over the course of two years.

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