Coordinate Better Via Email With These Tips

It is undeniable that emails have become an unbelievably crucial part of organizations. Be it any department, team, or individual, you cannot overlook the usage and importance of digital mail in your professional sphere. Email serves as a great tool in keeping all team members on the same page. It also enables efficient and secure sharing of information with the remotest members of your team. However, overuse of email might slow things down, and it might get difficult for you to operate. In his article for PM Times, Jimmy Rodela talks about several ways to improve email coordination between your teams for efficient work management.

Unify and Organize

It is better to use an inclusive team email to connect as a group and collectively share information. It helps the entire group be aware of the latest advancements and assists you in tracking progress. Secondly, try to keep your email inbox neat and organized. Use tags, stars, pins, and labels to sort your mail. Doing so helps you quickly find the file you need.

Communicate Informally

To acknowledge your team’s efforts and build a comfortable environment, it is better to converse less formally at some point in a day. Such casual conversations can help team members feel valued and understood. Using multimedia elements such as GIFs, emojis, and stickers can enhance the rapport between team members. Furthermore, casual conversations can also improve your team’s productive collaboration.

Additionally, you should acknowledge your team members’ achievements and positive contributions to the group. Rodela states, “Doing that is an effective way of writing project management emails. It boosts their morale because it shows that you notice and affirm their outstanding work. It also makes them feel valued and inspires them to keep giving their best for the team.”

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