Do You Want a Secure Cybersecurity Culture?

Every employee is responsible for ensuring the company’s safety from cybersecurity attacks. With the unprecedented transition on the technological front, businesses have become prone to cyberattacks in the form of ransomware, malware, and others. Moreover, in the majority of the cases, the attacks occur because of technical mistakes made by employees. In her article for InformationWeek, Pam Baker talks about different ways to enhance a culture of cybersecurity in your company.

Educate Workforce

If you think of forcing your commands on your employees without explaining your vision or needs, they might not understand the cause correctly. Instruct them about the importance of secure file browsing, securely opening attachments, and other security-oriented tasks. It would not only enable the effective implementation of cybersecurity but will also strengthen team relationships.

Cultivate a Culture of Inclusion

Many companies deliberately establish some form of friction and rivalry between IT and security teams. The reason companies give for this friction is that it would push both of them to outdo each other. Baker asserts that such competition puts departments in a wrong frame of mind. Besides, it could leave a margin for mistakes because the department might try to blame each other.

Encourage Tailored Security Awareness

When you explain the need and details of cybersecurity protocols, make sure you are not threatening your employees. There might be a possibility that some staff members might need specific training on cybersecurity. Try to accommodate their needs and answer their questions.

Make It Fun

Gaurav Banga, founder and CEO of Balbix, says, “Security leaders can track and validate the completion of tasks as well as tally user points and other accolades.” It is crucial to involve the workforce in a healthy competition to push themselves and work together simultaneously.

Involve Management

As a team leader or part of the management, you should try to lead by example. Employees would prefer to learn from you, and the changes should be implemented from the top.

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