Do You Want to Sharpen Remote Leadership Skills?

Remote work has become an integral part of modern businesses. You must have observed that with the rise of the pandemic, companies rapidly shifted their work models to align them with workforce safety. Despite the curve flattening, the remote work model is still encouraged in most companies. According to Gartner’s research, 47% of the participants intend to permanently allow employees to work from home. A good number of companies have incorporated the remote work model, whereas many plan to incorporate it soon. However, it gets a little challenging to collaborate with the team when you are working remotely. In her article for Project Bliss, Leigh Espy shares several tips to improve your virtual leadership skills.

Be Supportive and Aware

Employees usually like working from home because it has many advantages. However, there are some challenging aspects attached to remote work. People cannot directly go to their leaders if they have a question or want to discuss something. To tackle that, it is your responsibility as a leader to hold virtual standups and check-ins to clear doubts and solve issues. Be more available to compensate for the distance. Besides, it is essential to use the right tools when you undertake your daily operations. Tools are good options when you plan to execute day-to-day operations from a remote location.

Encourage Emotional Quotient

Like intelligence quotient, emotional quotient has become an essential part of teams and business in general. You should try to connect with your team members emotionally because it strengthens interpersonal relationships and improves mental wellness. Moreover, encouraging team members to connect emotionally will help you reduce self-consciousness and reinforce the idea of a healthy work-life balance.

Experts believe that transparent communication plays a crucial role in the remote work model. If you can effectively communicate your ideas and vision to your team, it will improve performance and productivity.

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