Do You Want Your Business to Evolve Digitally?

Digital transformation has put businesses at a more efficient and superior level than where they were a few years ago. Enterprises are adopting agile methodologies and digitally restructuring their operations. It has better enabled their supply chain and improved their connectivity in general. Despite the seamless digital transformation, some companies are experiencing a lack of cross-functional teamwork and visibility. Such problems can be easily solved by effective leadership that will amplify the digital panorama of your company and connect your team as well. In his article for Gartner, Ken Chadwick suggests several ways to evolve your business digitally.

Connect to Communities

A leader should understand that the world is grouped into innumerable communities that are interlinked in several ways. Instead of belonging to your customer base individually, it is better to belong to multiple communities. Chadwick suggests several methods to affiliate yourself with multiple networks:

Use process networks like S&OP or NPI to publicize your collaboration across multiple operations.Attempt innovative methods, such as crowdsourcing challenges, to promote fast-track ideation and engagement.Introduce wellness networks, such as music, films, or sports, that can improve your team’s social connections.

Involve Your Team

Your team members might face certain repulsion or reluctance while connecting with you or other teammates. To overcome that, you should create a sense of collective belief that involves all of them. Define their purpose as a team and value their contribution. Create an environment of professional comfort and transparency where your team can discuss things without reservations. As a team leader, it is your responsibility that everyone feels safe and motivated.

It is crucial to build trust among your teammates for productive collaboration. When there is a comfortable rapport between team members, there is a considerable increase in the confidence of the crew. With a spike in confidence, you will observe that your team members will be comfortable taking responsibility for their actions, even when they fail. Most importantly, it is the leader’s responsibility to lead by example so that the team members can follow through.

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