Does Your Company Employ a CISO?

The boundaries between work and home have blurred in the modern workplace, causing security risks to rise. With no visibility over where, when, and how people use devices, IT and security teams work with a clouded vision. Thus companies must have a CISO to establish cybersecurity initiatives and inculcate a security culture to defend themselves against these attacks. In this article at AIT News Desk, Navisite shares their study on chief information security officers.

Navisite Survey Findings

Statistics on CISOs

CISOs play a vital role in modern businesses since most operations are digital. However, contradicting facts have transpired through Navisite’s findings, indicating that nearly half (45%) of companies do not employ Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs). 58% of this group believe they should hire a CISO, whereas 40% attributed their cybersecurity strategy to their CISO or security team members. And 60% cited it to other parts of their organizations, such as IT, executive leadership, and compliance.

Key Research Information

Navisite surveyed 130 U.S. security, IT, and compliance professionals about their perspectives on cybersecurity leadership. In nearly all cases, respondents were either executives or managers, and more than half worked in organizations with 100 to 5,000 employees.

Keeping in mind that cyberspace is a chessboard with moving pieces, it is imperative to emphasize defensive cyber posture, yet 21% of respondents said their companies lack a dedicated cybersecurity employee. At the same time, 75% saw a dramatic increase in overall cyber threats. According to 80% of companies, COVID-19 saw strong cybersecurity leadership. Nearly half (47%) of survey takers believe their company spends too little on cybersecurity. Security and IT landscapes are becoming more complex and technical, and CISO roles are evolving, thus boosting the confidence of 70% of respondents in their cybersecurity program. However, this confidence plunged to 58% for companies without a CISO.

According to Aaron Boissonnault, CEO and President of Navisi, organizations prioritized security during COVID and are acutely aware of how much more they need to do to combat cyberattacks emanating from around the globe.

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