Familiarize Yourself with Tech Predictions of 2022

The last two years have been a lesson to almost all the organizations across the globe. One of the essential things that the pandemic has taught us is the swift adaptability to deal with a crisis. The significance of agile has deepened in the companies, and its role is supposed to strengthen further. To prepare your enterprise for abrupt problems in the future, you should understand the usage of technology to overcome the concerning circumstances. In her article for The Enterprisers Project, Katie Sanders talks about several tech predictions for 2022 in the operational field.

Tech Predictions of 2022

Hybrid Cloud Adoption

Many companies have begun to implement a hybrid work model to promote flexible working hours and the mental wellness of the workforce. To make the hybrid work model more productive, you should strive to find a balance between quantity, quality, privacy, and security of the workforce and the tasks assigned. Jeff Ton, the strategic IT advisor of InterVision, asserts that enterprises should incorporate AI and machine learning that can correct issues before remote employees discover them.

Increase in Multi-Cloud Deployment

Charles Caldwell, VP of product management at Logi Analytics, states, “what will continue in 2022 is software vendors investing in multi-cloud deployments. Organizations will not want to be locked into a single cloud vendor due to regulations like GDPR and organizations wanting localized data.” 

Rise of AI/ML and Kubernetes

Data science has become a valuable way to efficiently enhance and understand the company stats. Experts believe that AI/ML will impact a significant number of business avenues in 2022. Kubernetes serves as an effective platform for AI/ML to incorporate several tasks such as increasing workload portability.

In addition, Sanders states that 2022 will be an influential year for analytics in digital transformation. Companies would be able to observe patterns and incorporate them into their projects more efficiently in the coming months.

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