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Now that the new year has begun, companies must gear up to tackle the ongoing technological advancements in their business. The pandemic has accelerated these growth vectors several times over. Forrester has released their reports regarding technology and related inventions, user experience in terms of customers and employees, and marketing avenues for B2B and B2C organizations. So, what major trends are organizations sure to confront soon? In this article at IT Brief, Ryan Morris-Reade shares Forrester’s tech predictions for the year.

Tech Predictions to Be Aware Of

Human-Friendly Innovations

Instead of innovating for system upgrades, IT leaders will invest funds to facilitate services for their employees and customers. Ten percent will spend energy making strategic deals and innovations three times more than their rivals. Interestingly, IT companies will have 13.8-percent attrition.

Cloud Adoption Rate

Fifty percent of the cloud-native companies will adopt containers. Some will migrate to cloud-based platforms from their existing software models. Google Cloud Platform will see higher profit margins than AWS and Azure because of this surge in cloud adoption.

New Tech

According to Forrester’s tech predictions, IoT market share will take a backseat by up to 10 to 15 percent because of the acute chip shortage worldwide. However, 40 percent more takers will be for intelligent device investments in the U.S., EU, and China. Furthermore, satellite internet will become more popular than 5G because 5G still has to get a go-ahead from several governments.

Cyber Landscape

Cybersecurity leaders will understand that relationships are more important to keep organizations and their workforce safe in a digital world. Meanwhile, 51 percent of the cybersecurity experts have faced burnout, so 65 percent of them are willing to migrate to another field.

Other Tech Predictions

Around 15 Global 500 companies will establish a new role – Chief Trust Officer (CTO).A minimum of five companies will create a reward system to find organizational AI tools and technologies biases.Various kinds of privacy-preserving technologies (PPTs) will develop in 2022.More companies, thrice that of today, will take the net-zero pledge by 2040, a commitment initiated by Climate Pledge Initiative.Returns will make a marked difference in the retail game because three in five retail customers want ‘free return shipping’ and two out of five want refunds through the ‘original form of payment’.Western brands will seek partnerships beyond Alibaba and JD.com to reach more customers.France (60 percent), the U.S. (41 percent), and the U.K. (49 percent) consumers prefer environment-friendly products. As a result, the second-hand market will grow exponentially.

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