Find Out How Video Games and Leadership are Related

There is a general perception that people spending their time playing video games are anti-social and bad at team-oriented tasks. Well, experts tend to believe otherwise. In one of their new videos for Entrepreneur, Veronica Belmont, host of The Sword and The Laser, gets in conversation with Jason Fell, managing editor of Entrepreneur, where they discuss how video games can actually enhance your leadership and teamwork qualities. Belmont asserts that while playing multiplayer games, your teamwork and leadership abilities are developed to a great extent. You pay attention to your team players, their strengths, weaknesses, and how to use them optimally. Video games also help you in thinking outside the box. They provide you with a task, and you have to figure out ways to accomplish it in a stipulated time, with limited resources and constraints. This scenario is quite similar to what you are already used to experiencing in your professional field. Video games improve quick decision-making abilities that can help you develop a stronger approach to your professional projects.

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