Four Leadership Trends for 2022

Often, the reputation and personality of an organization are directly influenced by its top leader’s dominant traits. Companies are redefining people’s priorities while employees are reevaluating work. Simply put, leadership is the problem and the solution. Leaders are either effective people managers or just ineffective managers in any organization or team. With the changing work environment, leaders must evolve and reimagine their leadership responsibilities. This Forbes article by Brent Gleeson highlights the top leadership trends for 2022.

The Purpose

Three factors determine a sense of purpose and satisfaction in the workplace:

Life outside workConnection at workPurpose of organization

The purpose of the organization and the work experience are the only aspects that leaders can influence in the lives of their employees.

Here are four trends that will help you build your strategy to create the right environment for your employees:

Reinventing Purpose

Connecting people to purpose is not an easy discussion, as the topic is intensely personal, potentially inaccessible to employers, and surprisingly hard to discuss. Leaders should interact with employees to maximize their sense of fulfillment from their jobs. Purposeful people are more productive, resilient, and likely to stay at the company, resulting in greater employee engagement, increased loyalty, and more referrals.

Enhancing Employee Experience

Essentially, leadership is an employee engagement strategy. It must do more than acquire, develop, and retain top talent; it must induce a high-performance culture. An individual sense of purpose can be defined as an enduring, overarching sense of what matters in life; seeking something significant in life can stimulate aspiration. 

Augmenting Purpose

A workplace that reflects the company’s role and contribution to society and provides meaningful opportunities for employees is highly satisfying. Interestingly, the study of the purpose hierarchy gap extended the feeling of fulfillment mostly among executives, nearly 8 times more than employees.

Redefining Work Culture

Each organization’s culture is the ethos of its conduct. Mention corporate culture in your document as a living thing, not just an abstract concept. An organization’s culture binds its employees together, so it should be well-defined, inclusive, and positive. Defining or redefining an organization’s culture is a complex process that requires leaders to exhibit authentic values, develop a measurable strategy, and engage with a high level of trust and communication.

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