Here Are a Few Tips to Balance Strategy and Culture

As you observe the pandemic curve flattening, there is a possibility that you might be stuck in a dilemma. It might get challenging to focus on acing the competition while shaping the professional journey for your employees to bring about change. Many business leaders can find a balance between both of them, but some do not. This consequently weakens the organization and adversely affects the workforce. Some people might suggest that if you cannot focus on corporate strategy and organizational culture, focus on one. However, it does not lead to effective results. In his article for strategy+business, David Lancefield shares some tips to find the right balance between corporate strategy and business culture.

Encourage Strategic Negotiations

Strategically work on the aspects of inclusivity, empowerment, and collaboration among employees. Try to involve your team in the negotiations that are in the company’s interest and stakeholders. It will help them learn more about the company’s culture and instill a sense of collective contribution.

Engage Employees

When you recruit, look for potential employees with a strategic mindset. One way of doing so is by observing how good they are at prioritizing different things. It is also essential to interact with employees if they are stuck in a strategic slump. Help them with effective measures to overcome organizational hurdles and listen to their concerns.

Be Prepared for Any Crisis

If your enterprise comes across a critical situation, make your workforce aware of the situation’s potential threat. Educate employees on the viable options and opportunities that lie ahead. When you keep your team in the loop in a critical situation, it makes them feel valued.

Performance and Product Reviews

Measure the performance of employees and products to analyze their productivity and work on improving them. When you launch a new product or service, it moves you toward a collective strategic direction. Any new addition in an enterprise offers an excellent opportunity to solidify the team.

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