Here Are the Key Tips to Tackle Team Fatigue

According to The Glint Employee Well-Being Report, the burnout quotient raised 9 percent between April and July 2021. A vast number of companies have experienced workforce fatigue in the wake of the pandemic. Unfortunately, some of them have not been able to improve their organizational situation even now. Many leaders do not want to compromise their company’s output and productivity. However, some are looking for a way to balance between the company’s productivity and employees’ mental well-being. In her article for the Enterprisers Project, Katie Sanders talks about several practical tips that can reduce burnout in your organization.

Leading Workforce Out of Fatigue

It is crucial for business owners and team leaders to acknowledge the problems and ask the right set of questions. What do you think you can do at an individual level to make your teammates feel better? What, according to you, will help them cope with their fatigue or reduce their stress? You might come up with some answers, and that is a good place to start. Here are some reasons that can help your team overcome fatigue:

Point Out Burnout

It is better to point out situations that lead to burnout so that managers and leaders can acknowledge the problem and deal with it accordingly. Try to spot the early signs of fatigue and burnout among your teammates, such as irritability, impatience, cynicism, etc.

Encourage Internal Support

Andrew Gurbaxani, CIO of Vensure Employer Services, suggests that employees should appreciate each other whenever they come across something worthy of a compliment. It increases the organizational positivity and professional rapport that leads to a happier workspace.

Focus on Greater Service

The pandemic has taught that the world is more than your existence. If you cannot uplift other people, it negates the fundamental essence of humanity. An act of giving can make you feel more valued and fulfilled.

Promote Transparency

When your teammates can convey what they feel or think, the workplace becomes more inclined towards positive ideas and productive discussions. As a team leader, you should instill transparency in professional relations because they help both companies and employees in the long run.

To help your team or employees overcome professional burnout, you can enforce paid time off (PTO) in your company, incentivizing them for their service. Besides, you can also host virtual events for the team, so they get to know each other. Most importantly, set practical goals and encourage your team to achieve them.

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