Is Your Cloud Storage Budget Getting Out of Hand?

Cloud storage and its expenditure were comparatively convenient back when it started almost a decade ago. There were a few line items and a handful of objectives that cloud storage had to accomplish for regulated billing. However, with the changing times, organizations are observing the trend of hybrid cloud setup, hoping to grow stronger in 2022. Considered the most efficient IT storage trend, the hybrid cloud setup is widely popular for optimizing numerous workloads. In his article for ZDNet, Chris Preimesberger suggests several ways to keep the cloud storage budget of your organization under control.

Understand Your Requirements

You should be aware of the requirements and objectives you need to fulfill from your cloud storage setup. To get a collective idea, conduct a company-wide audit and gather data on all the active cloud accounts. Be sure that your enterprise does not spend its data on shadow IT applications. Gartner’s research states, “an average of 30% to 40% of the purchases in the enterprise involve shadow IT spending, and that includes storage.” Conducting company-wide research would put the cloud expenditure in a better perspective.

Choose Apt Performance Tiers

Cloud storage providers usually offer performance tiers that are aligned with a company’s data usage. You can curb storage costs by supervising the read-write access to given data. If your throughput is lower than your performance tier, downgrade your package. This can result in almost 25 to 30-percent savings per year. Talk to your providers to gather more information about it. If your provider does not offer performance tiers, you should reconsider your choice of cloud storage providers.

No Personal Data 

Preimesberger states that many employees use cloud storage for their personal photos, videos, and other documents that are not associated with the company. Moreover, some employees put the data of office parties and events on the cloud that unnecessarily take up the space. It is better to instruct your workforce on the kind of data they can store on the official cloud storage. It will help declutter the storage space and save a considerable amount of money.

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