Reinventing the Webcam Experience with Dell’s Concept Pari

Companies are debating over the correct etiquette of whether employees should turn on their cameras or not during Zoom or Teams meetings. Here is a fun gadget that is easy to use if the companies decide to say, ‘Cameras on.’ Dell spent some time showing off their workplace concepts at an invitation-only preview for the upcoming CES 2022 event in Las Vegas. Concept Pari is an innovative, moveable small, and lightweight webcam that creates intuitively natural experiences for users and new ways of collaborating with them. It can be directly attached to screens via magnet technology, docked in a charging station, or even held in hand. In addition to direct eye contact, the device includes a microphone and can stream 1080p video over Wi-Fi. The prototype features a power indicator, a vertical alignment indicator, and an integrated USB-C dock to support wireless charging. Concept Pari can be tucked in a small charging stand above the screen when not in use. Watch this video at Engadget with Cherlynn Low to catch a glimpse of Dell’s innovative webcam Concept Pari that can reinvent the experience of webcams soon.

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