Service Desk Experience Improves Your DX Journey

According to a recent Forbes-McKinsey study, organizations lost $900 billion in digital transformation (DX) initiatives. 70 percent of DX projects failed to meet their expectations. However, 80 percent of companies have sped up their project speed to meet the demands of in-house and external bottlenecks. Digital transformation usually occurs in a company when a product or service is being launched. Or, your company is gearing up to improve customer experience. Or you want to automate processes and remove human errors. In this article at ITSM.tools, Sami Kallio shares how service desk experience can increase the chance of digital transformation success.

DX and Service Desk

Sets Goals and Metrics

Instead of just starting the digital transformation projects, determine your goal first? You can achieve the results once you know what you are aiming at. Set up metrics to find out if your efforts are aligned with the expectations of your project. Measure if the employees are happy with the outcomes, the workflows are better, and there has been an increase in efficiency level in the company.

Data-Based Decisions

Analyze the data you can draw from various end-user systems related to the DX effort. You can integrate the same with your operational datasets and discover what your employees want the most. Service desk results can bring visibility to the whole digital transformation journey.

Enabling Culture

Implementing DX has implications and will influence the organizational workflow in general. So, let the IT team manage the changes or outsource the DX initiative to other business units or departments. But first, pay attention to building a culture that supports the digital transformation effort. Once your people adopt new tools and technologies, the process becomes faster and gives rise to more innovative strategies.

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