Six Win-or-Bust Priorities for CIOs in 2022

Every company is now a tech company. CIOs are agents of change-oriented technology, innovation, and the most important means of adapting to change. Dependency on technology puts CIOs in the spotlight since they can determine whether the companies aspirations will turn into achievements. McKinsey Digital’s Aamer Baig discusses the priorities CIOs should implement in 2022.

Six Priorities to Implement as a Successful CIO:

Team Integration

Without a better understanding of customer requirements, CIOs and the IT department can’t deliver services that add value to customers. Companies now are integrating customer-facing employees and developers to identify customer needs because developers can translate this need into an essential service.

Cloud Adoption

Many successful companies have commenced their cloud journey. The cloud platform is a hyper-converged technology that is scalable and keeps your data future-ready. It saves time, money, and white space and frees cash and workforce time, which can be repurposed in new endeavors that the cloud enables or accelerates.

Tech Talent Experience

Hybrid work environments mean geographical boundaries are no longer a barrier to talent acquisition. Further, people development and talent strategies can turn companies into powerhouses for value creation. By enhancing the developer experience with talent strategy, CIOs can use it to measure success. 


As technology is ever-evolving, so has to be learning. Companies should invest in upskilling their employees based on the future projection of skill requirements to enable employees to do their job effectively. People want to work in organizations where they can grow as professionals.

Embedded Security

Security is everyone’s responsibility. The CIO’s team should collaborate with the developers to embed security protocols and compliance in their code. A CIO must focus on updating systems constantly and integrating security into every stage of a product’s lifecycle.

Data Governance

Data governance is necessary so people can use data that is clean, secure, and acts as a single source of truth. This process provides data for real-time analysis, AI learning, and machine learning that provide further insight to turn data into information.

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