Start Embracing These Post-Pandemic Techs

Due to the virus outbreak, people were forced indoors. This gave rise to contactless deliveries and work-from-home models which have thrived. Companies invested heavily in collaborative technologies, and people quickly embraced them. So, the decade-old fear that tech will ruin humanity is slowly beginning to fade. When things go back to normal, you might start working from physical offices again, but some post-pandemic techs will remain. What are they? In this article at the Boss Magazine, Damien Martin shares some post-pandemic techs that you should embrace.

Post-Pandemic Techs to Consider

Robot Attendants

Automation saved restaurants from losing customers when they were facing human staff shortages. Get used to robotic waiters attending to your needs or delivering food to your doorstep.

Fitness Trackers

Fitness bands were always around, but their popularity peaked when the pandemic struck down seemingly healthy individuals. These bands alert you if you have not drunk enough water or had enough exercise for the day.

Self-Service Portals

You no longer have to stand in a long queue to get checked in at the airport. Self-service portals are post-pandemic techs that people happily embraced.

Tech for the Elderly

The elderly population can significantly benefit from in-house robot assistants and medical devices for normal and emergency situations. Voice assistants also have brought more independence to the senior members of the society regarding placing a call to the doctor or ordering groceries online.

Workout Channels

Public places are highly infectious. So, people are hesitant to join gyms. But that did not stop fitness enthusiasts or the fitness industry. New online workout models are being designed and released with annual subscriptions.

Warehouse Management

Warehouses were also one of the places that had an issue with worker scarcity. To meet the rising demand for online orders, robotic workers and automated storage systems are the post-pandemic techs that became integrated into warehouse maintenance and upkeep.

Virtual Agents

Would you prefer a long wait to talk to a customer care executive or use virtual agents to check flight status? Companies have embraced post-pandemic techs like chatbots to address the nominal FAQs of their customers.


Though schools and colleges will reopen eventually, people have realized the benefits of online courses. The e-learning platforms have made it so much easier to earn certifications without the additional costs of travel and lodging.

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