Strategic Technology Trends for 2022

Among the top technology drivers in the 2022 forecast, leading strategic IT trends include AI, cloud security, and engineering investments. With this convergence of technologies, businesses can connect with partners and consumers to build the foundation for a scalable and resilient future. This article by Gartner presents an overview of the most trending technologies.

State-Of-The-Art Technologies for Resilient Future

Generative AI

Generative AI – Machine learning is a powerful AI tool that produces completely original products like software code, biomarkers, and drugs based on data. While it’s useful, Generative AI can be very easily misused.

Data Analytics

Modern technology to improve data usage and integrate data silos to analyze and scale data is imperative to transform data into useful information and accelerate business outcomes.

Office-Centric Networks

Traditional office-centric organizations are evolving into geographically dispersed enterprises with remote and hybrid working models. Businesses will need to rearchitect and redesign their networks to provide a frictionless environment.

Cloud Platforms

Businesses should transition to cloud platforms and benefit from cloud computing’s scalability and elastic IT-related capabilities in order to optimize time and lower their costs.


With hyperautomation, you can identify, vet, and automate as many processes as possible in order to accelerate growth and maintain business resilience.

Autonomic Systems

Adapting to new conditions will be quick and easy with an autonomic system that can change algorithms without external code updates.

Security Measures

To reduce the financial impact and incidences of a security breach, companies have implemented CSMA (cybersecurity mesh integration) to secure all assets, irrespective of location. With PEC (Privacy-Enhancing Computation), you can share, pool, and analyze data securely without compromising security at the software or hardware level.

AI Engineering

AI Engineering will help companies integrate AI within their applications, enhance the value from AI solutions, and improve the end-user experience through rapid AI change.

Skill Shortage

As the use of AI grows, so does the need for AI engineers, but there is a corresponding shortage of IT skills.

It is a universal drive for organizations to achieve more while providing a complete end-to-end experience for customers.

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