The Project Management Outlook for 2022

The world is experiencing rapid change. Project managers that can anticipate changes and have the ability to adapt to new technologies and methodologies can deliver a higher project success rate. A project manager should instill a positive environment at the workplace to influence productivity, motivate employees, and stimulate a sense of purpose and recognition within the team. This article at EIRE focuses on activities that have a more impending effect on the project’s success.

Key Activities for Project Management

The role of management requires balance, to be sure. Without demonstrating fundamental competency in the field you are managing, you will lack credibility, hindering your management efforts. It is important that you have the respect of those you manage, as well as their commitment to excel. Project management comprises various activities that can have a varying influence on the project success rate. Here is a list of a few key activities:

High Skill Demand

The role of a project manager has evolved from merely tracking tasks on software and herding team members to complete their tasks. The modern project manager needs to have impeccable leadership, knowledge, and a broad range of skill sets that a machine cannot do. This is leading to a surge in demand for project management professionals.

Focus on Soft Skills

Project managers should be effective communicators and have the ability to create a frictionless work environment. Soft skills are intangible interpersonal skills and include traits such as emotional intelligence, communication, problem-solving, and conflict management and play a vital role in team building.

Adapting to Modern Technologies

The world is increasingly powered by artificial intelligence (AI). Project managers that integrate artificial intelligence (AI) in their project activities can ramp up their project speed, accuracy, insights, and success rate. Six technologies will have a striking impact on your future project management, namely: machine learning, deep learning, robotic process automation (RPA), decision management, knowledge-based systems, expert systems.


The pandemic-induced hybrid work culture is here to stay. Companies are evolving with that idea and innovating and investing in comprehensive tools vital for collaborating effectively.

Agile Methodologies

Project managers must take a more crafted approach to achieve project goals. Combining Scrum and waterfall methodologies can provide a mix of techniques customized per the project. A hybrid system will render more standard yet agile methods for better project success.

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