The Solution to Freight Ordeal

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and the global supply chain is rife with weaknesses. Shipping routes, ports, air cargo, trucking lines, railroads, and even warehouses face major disruptions, leading to dire consequences if not resolved soon. Steve Wen, CEO and co-founder of Dray Alliance, a young entrepreneur, might hold the keys to the logistics nightmare faced globally. As an immigrant, Steve grew up in the United States, Los Angeles, where his parents set up a warehouse. He helped his family log ferrying truckers in and out of the warehouse. After his graduation, he quickly realized this system was outdated. So, he started his trucking company-Dray Alliance, to study and build a sustainable business model for this space and make the delivery system more efficient. Dray Alliance seamlessly connects shippers and carriers, on-the-spot or throughout the year, with a vast network of vetted drayage carriers. Steve is not a prodigy of any elite university. His insights are mainly from the experience he earned working at his father’s warehouse. Watch this Forbes video to learn about Steve Wen and his brainchild.

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