Want to Be the Best Pandemic Leader? Have a High EQ

During the COVID-19 outbreak, leaders reacted in various ways. Some wanted to have a Zoom call with all the employees. A few went to the office to feel at peace while at work. Meanwhile, some did presentations streaming live from their office’s conference room. However, the best pandemic leader survived with the help of their emotional quotient (EQ). How so? Employees wanted to be heard and felt that they belonged. Leaders with a high EQ made a far better breakthrough than others. In this article at strategy+business, find out how high emotional intelligence can make you the best pandemic leader.

How to Be the Best Pandemic Leader

Average leaders provide feedback to the team, but who corrects the leader? As the best pandemic leader with a high EQ, you should prioritize a two-way feedback channel. Appreciate and value the time team members are offering to listen to you and complete the prescribed assignments. The best part is, leaders with a higher emotional quotient have these qualities ingrained in them even before the pandemic. Here are some of them that you must imbibe to become the best pandemic leader:

Create a Trusting Relationship

Since all are scattered in different parts of the world, it is important to keep the team bonding intact. Be kind, allow a flexible work schedule, and encourage team interaction. Former Trainline chief executive Clare Gilmartin says, “If you can help women and men manage through challenging points in their career, they will be super-loyal and thrive thereafter.”

Mingle Informally

Talking in a formal setting or meeting for a standup will not help you break the ice. You have to be in a place where official designations can dissolve. Once they see the lighter side of you, they will be more open to ideating. “The name of the game is to provoke the fact that everybody feels in charge of the emergence of this vision,” says former Engie chief executive officer Isabelle Kocher.

Eradicate Hierarchy

As the best pandemic leader, you must learn to maximize your team’s potential. Even if there are hierarchies, encourage a bottom-up approach for ideation. You never know where the brilliance lies.

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