We Can Finally Know When Our Galaxy Was Born!

The Hubble space telescope has transformed our understanding of the universe. It not only brought us closer to the hidden secrets of far-away galaxies but also deepened our relationship with nature. With more improvements incorporated, NASA plans to launch its successor, the James Webb telescope, by the end of this month. In their new video, Wall Street Journal talks about the James Webb telescope and its applications in detail. The scientists from NASA believe that it is one of the most gigantic and most effective telescopes ever built. Eric Smith, James Webb space telescope program scientist at NASA, states that this telescope can hopefully answer questions like when the first galaxies formed. The device is designed to perceive the universe slightly differently from the Hubble telescope. James Webb uses infrared light that is not visible to the human eye. It would enable the telescope to study colder stars billions of lightyears away. It will also help us explore old galaxies and the formation of stars that could not be explored through the Hubble telescope.

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