What Does the Future of AI and Automation Look Like?

Organizations have observed a drastic change in technology in the wake of the pandemic. With the rise of AI’s roles in companies, technology has changed the way things were previously executed. Apart from that, automation has made it easier for companies to focus on strategic tasks while machines take care of repetitive and mundane tasks. In her article for InformationWeek, Jessica Davies discusses the future of AI and automation and what companies should expect in 2022.

Road to Disruption

Forrester VP Brandon Purcell states the pace of change that companies are experiencing is quite fast. The market related to AI solutions will likely double from what it is now in 2022. This also includes businesses related to AI ethics and regulations that will help users manage, monitor, and govern AI per their needs. Purcell further adds, “Any models that had been built on previous behavior were no longer any good. MLOps is a discipline that helps determine when models are no longer effective.”

A Glimpse of the Future

Forrester states that many companies will be able to install AI into the core of their business by 2022. Besides, the metaverse is robustly becoming a technological magnet. Companies like Facebook, Roblox, and Tencent have already begun to take leads in the metaverse. Forrester stated that South Africa became the first country to grant a patent to a creative AI system. 2022 will see a considerable rise in the cases of patents being awarded to creative AI systems.

In automation, Forrester believes that 35% of service companies will introduce physical robot workers. Their tasks might vary from surveillance and grounds maintenance to food preparation and security. Robots might also take over janitorial jobs. This will alter the low-end workforce quite dramatically.

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