Why Is Interpersonal Interaction Vital for Projects?

A project is pushed forward with the help of a myriad of elements, each contributing in its individual way. In the recent publication of Dynamic Conditions for Project Success, experts conducted research regarding the most valuable element of a project. The respondents in the survey chose interpersonal skills to be the most important factor. In his article for Association for Project Management, David Eggleton talks about the significance of interpersonal communication and how you can develop it.

Making Way for Transparency

Everybody is aware of the fact that humans are the most crucial foundation of any project. You perform tasks with employees for your clients, where humanity is a common factor in the entire process. With interpersonal communication skills, a team can better understand the company’s ethos, culture, vision, and mindset. It is difficult to convey your thoughts if you cannot establish a connection with your client, team, or senior leadership. The lack of communication consequently hampers the company and individual performance in the long run.

Clearing Things Out

Eggleton asserts that dynamic values like sustainability plays a vital role in identifying new principles. They also offer a unique insight into the organizational processes and core values of the enterprise. Establishing a transparent form of communication between team members smoothens the administrative functions. Besides, it also gives you an opportunity to clear the cluttered mindset.

The basic concept behind effective interpersonal communication is to inform and educate yourself and the other party. If you can do that, you can contribute to your team or business in a varied sense. To bring about change, it is crucial to have everyone on the same page. The only things that remain after a delivered project are the knowledge gathered from it, the shared experience, and the discussions that led to that project. If you make sure to be as transparent as possible in those aspects, it puts you in a better position to move ahead.

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