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Slide An exclusive online community 24M is where IT professionals work to accelerate their career paths.

Within our exclusive community, members engage with mentors, set career goals, assess their leadership and technical skills and make the critical connections needed to accelerate their careers.
Make critical connections Set personal career goals Assess their managerial skills Create a learning path Work with a personal mentor Meet and work with your peers to accelerate your career!

Assessment Assessment Zone Learn where you stand with our unique battery of assessments. We help you determine what your leadership and skill aptitudes are. We measure your best potentials for growth and determine those positions best suited to your personality. Mentor Mentor Zone Connect with a senior IT professional to chart a career path Review your assessments, set a growth path. Your mentor is always on your side and will be there for you as you grow your skills. GOALS Goals Zone With your mentor, determine your short, mid-term, and long-term goals. From these plans, build a learning pathway that builds the skills and knowledge that recruiters are looking for. KNOWLEDGE Knowledge Zone Learning lists, knowedge pathways, educational resources With billions of pages on the internet, we'll point you to the knowledge you need to reach your goals. GROUPS Knowledge Zone Join others on your quest for accelerated career growth You're not alone on this path. Meet up and connect with others that share your same interests, and career goals. NETWORKING Network Zone Here's where your efforts pay off as you connect with executives and recruiters Build the relationships that will move you to the next level. INSPIRATION Inspiration Zone Technology is moving fast... keep up to speed here. Most technology jobs today won't exisit in 10 years. Technology and skills move forward. Here we bring you the leading edge technologies that will define our future. Accelerate your career with seven development zones uniquely crafted to identify and enhance your skills.

Slide Wade S. 5th Year - Java Developer I needed a mentor to guide me into leadership roles at my company. Slide Becca C. Recent Graduate Now that I've got my first programming job, I want to connect with others. Slide Joshua D. 4th Year - Business Analyst I can't afford to get my advanced degree but I still want to continue learning. Slide Olivia K. 3rd Year - Developer I've been working from home and I need to make sure I'm visible to my boss. Slide Daniel M. 7th Year - Database Specialist There's a job I really want but I don't know how to get the recruiters attention.

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