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Stand out from your 24 Million peers email login Accelerate your career in less than 24 Months Invest just 24 Minutes per day to improve your skills JumpStart Jump Start your IT Career As you start out in your career, how will you get noticed in today's remote-worker world?

By building your skill set to MATCH your career goals! 24M is the fast, cost-effective way for IT professions to chart a career path to achieve their personal goals.
From independent evaluations (McQuaig Word Survey) to career guidance (mentoring) to networking, 24M is a unique, interactive, and supportive gathering spot to maximize the value of your formal schooling.
IT is moving faster every day.
Only 24M offers these resources to help accelerate your IT career in the next 24 months.
Personal Evaluation Using the McQuaig (tm) word survey evaluate your strengths and potentials in your career journey. What are your leadership qualities? Management temperament? Learn More Career Path Selection Where do you want to be in 2 or 5 years? Learn from IT Human Resource experts the fastest path to take you where you want to go... and what steps you'll need to take. Learn More Personalized Mentoring Don't get caught in a dead end. Technologies come and go. 24M's mentoring helps you avoid career pitfalls and gives you a resource for advice. Learn More Educational Resources In the IT field, you must never stop learning. 24M will point you to the education, training, and resources you need to move ahead. We will identify what you need to quickly advance. Learn More Career Path Communities Join and network with other IT professionals on their career journey. Our communities offer exclusive live events and are moderated by subject matter experts. Learn More Networking Career advancement is a series of stepping stones. Some within your organization, some outside. Expand your circle of influencers with our networking events. Learn More Inspiration &Motivation IT careers are at the heart of every major innovation today... offering opportunities that didn't even exist just months before. We'll bring you the latest and best technologies each week! Learn More Your personal "Ninja" Opportunity and knowledge lies around every corner. Your personal "Ninja" is learning with you and will alert you throughout your journey... getting smarter every day! Learn More
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Take the first step in accelerating your career path.
From keeping up-to-date with the latest IT trends, to actively moving your career forward, the next step is easy, affordable, and all yours!
$ 4.99 per month (annual rate) >10,000 Curated Articles +6 Weekly eZine Journals Save time with condensed articles Personalized News Feeds Join >50,000 other readers Sign up now Your Best Value $ 14.99 per month (annual rate) Includes both AITS & GREATPRO Bundles! McQuaig(tm) Personality Evaluation Individualized Career Path Identification
and Mentoring
Educational Resource Guidance Career Path Communities & Networking Live events & Discussions with HR Pros Progress Tracking & Monitoring Sign up now
$ 6.99 per month (annual rate) >1,000 Hours of Video Training PMI Certification Credits Learn Anywhere Mobile Apps >120 Live Events Every Year Presented by Industry Leaders Sign up now
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Slide 24M - A division of CAI
Main Street 123, Anytown
+1 987 654321
Why 24M? Pricing Accelerate Your Career FAQ Database Documentation Video Tutorials

DISCOVER Discover Zone Start Your Journey Here Identify your personal strength's, leadership skills and technical expertise here. Our unique combination of world-class aptitude and self-skill-assessments creates an evaluation matrix that lets you maximize your career growth. Understand your starting strengths — so you can better focus on areas to improve.

DISCOVER Goal Zone A Goal Without A Plan Is Just A Wish Here you pinpoint your next career
objective and the steps to achieve it
With our exclusive skills matrix you document what's required to qualify and excel in your next career stage. Focus your efforts on the highest payback on your efforts.

DISCOVER Mentor Zone Avoid The Obstacles To Speed Your Path Get career advice from IT professionals
that know.
Connect with mentors that can help answer your career questions and help tune your resume. Get assistance from people with the inside story about recruiters really want.

DISCOVER Learn Zone Resources To Speed Your Journey We've identified educational resources to help you achieve your goals With more than 14,000 curated articles and 1,000 hours of video training available, we'll help guide you to the knowledge and skills you need and employers want.

DISCOVER Sharing Zone Share And Connect Peer-To-Peer You're not alone in your journey.
Hobnob with your fellow wizards here.
Share learning resources and experiences with your peers. Moderated by Subject Matter Experts to keep topics on-track and informative.

DISCOVER Meet Zone Expand Your Contacts The Easy Way Network with people and companies looking for someone just like you Accelerating your career is more than just what you know. We bring mentors, executives, and recruiters from within the IT service industry to connect and grow with you.

DISCOVER Inspire Zone We Can Always Use A Little Pep-Talk New and emerging technologies make this an exciting time to live. Things are moving so fast that most existing technologies will be obsolete within your career. Our carefully curated collection from across the web will keep you excited, motivated, and informed.

Slide 24M - A division of CAI
Main Street 123, Anytown
+1 987 654321
Why 24M? Pricing Accelerate Your Career FAQ Database Documentation Video Tutorials